Stirrin’ the pot again:

So they are still using Katrina to show how whites were the cause of the Black suffering in the days and weeks after Katrina…….Just because they didn’t want a bunch of people wandering about their town…..refugees. Kinda hard to tell the simply unfortunate from the criminals though….So they blocked the roads and helped them get shipped to shelters. But because the refugees weren’t allowed to wander the town and weren’t welcomed with care packages and such,… must have been because of race….

But that is racist. In a town that is 40% white and 40% black…..A well to do town didn’t want apparent ner-do-wells to invade their town.

Racists, every damned one of them.

Why bring this up 10 years later (and not so coincidentally, a year before an election) if not to stir the poor blacks up (again)? ?

(BTW, read the comments)