So today

When everyone says something about how terrible it was that the Atomic Bombing happened at Hiroshima 70 years ago….and analyzes it from the benefit of hindsight….

Think about THIS.


You cant change the past of 70 years ago. Nothing will change it or fix it.

War is war. Damage the enemy faster than he damages you in order to remove his will to, and ability to, fight.

We did that.

2 thoughts on “So today

  1. Potentially saved 1,000,000 American fighting men's lives… That was the rationale THEN. Japan had vowed to fight to the last person. Revisionist history cannot change what was really said/done then.

  2. War is what Sherman said it is, and he was good at delivering it. My Father-In-Law (Marine) said that a common order was to bring back one prisoner. That was a lucky man, because the rest did not have the option of becoming a prisoner. On Iwo he dragged phone wire from hole to hole, and had to have his knife ready at every move. He told me that he "Got tired of sticking that KaBar into Japs." A nightmare for them, and nightmares for him the rest of his life. That was his third invasion, and I figure he used up all his percentages. He wouldn't have been lucky, or good enough to survive invading Japan. Truman did the right thing.

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