SO Hillary is finally coughing up the email server

After how many months? Apparently they have had time to vacuum all the incriminating emails from said server.

This is a joke. Why even bother? You know, and I know, even if we can’t prove it, that the delay was to giver her IT people time to clean everything that was incriminating from that server.

If I shoot someone, do I get months to buy a replacement barrel, change the firing pin and sand the bolt face so that there aren’t any marks to match with the case and bullet found at the scene of the crime?

If I am in an accident, do I get time to go to a body shop and have the damaged body panels replaced and the car painted?


3 thoughts on “SO Hillary is finally coughing up the email server

  1. NO so much… And our houses would have been raided DAY ONE!

  2. Any average person who formatted their drive after filtering what to turn over for evidence would be rotting in jail. Hell, if they convicted her on all counts and did miraculously decide to jail her, Obama would just pardon her on his way out. Nothing seems to stick to a Clinton. Look at their real estate fiasco. Lots of people did time. Not a Clinton. Why they are even attempting to do anything with the server is beyond me. As you pointed out, it has been pretty well disinfected by now. Only thing her turning it over does now is give her the ability to tell her liberal flock she is complying with all the false claims that seem to be coming her way. God I sure hope she doesn't get in. After Obama winning two terms, I have lost all hope and faith in peoples judgement.

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