Shook him up, I did….

So today, I am taking the weekend’s cash to the bank, and other errands, and the traffic on the road to the bank is stopped……I waited, and then shut off the truck and walked forward 10 or so cars to see why…

Seems a tree limb had fallen across the road. Not from a storm or anything, but had simply broken and fallen. The road was blocked and a police officer was there. (Branch was about 15″ in diameter, and held on by a piece of wood about 6″ wide and about an inch thick.).

The officer told me that it would be about 20-30 minutes until they could get someone there with a chainsaw to remove the branch (It isn’t that big of a town, dunno why it should take that long…and this is the main street of the town).

I walked back to the truck, opened the tailgate and pulled out the old double bit axe I carry on one side of the bed (the other side has a short handled shovel) and walked back to the downed limb. As I went, I asked several other drivers (male) to come and help me with the branch.

4 strikes and the branch was free. 6 guys, including me, picked up the branch and more or less dragged it onto the grass. Road open. No need for a chainsaw. No waiting either.

The cop, (who watched the whole thing without saying anything) then asked me if I always carried an axe in my truck.

“Doesn’t everybody?” I replied

The look on his face was priceless.

I got back into the truck and drove to the bank.

He watched me carefully as I drove by. I think he was disturbed by my answer…..

5 thoughts on “Shook him up, I did….

  1. Sigh… there was a time when the cop would have EXPECTED someone to walk up with an axe from their truckbed, and would have helped you clear the limb instead of just looking on.

  2. Yeah, ya never know when you might wander upon a good place to commit a good ol' fashioned axe murder… jackass question asked by a jackass.

    He's one of those that's been brainwashed by those that are tyranny minded amongst us.

    Self reliance is considered evil in this world anymore.

  3. He just had to ax you a dumb question.
    This reminds me that I took mine out of the truck, I have a light one that fits nicely behind the seat.

  4. Should have said "sure. Right next to the C-4 and extra belts for the 60".

  5. I keep a small Gerber hatchet and a machete in the truck. I'm frankly a little surprised you didn't have a chainsaw with you, but I wouldn't want anyone breaking my truck windows to get a saw either.

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