Luckily, no one was seriously injured

So I have this backhoe….

Actually, I have a Chinese made attachment backhoe that fits on the three point hitch of my Kubota tractor….

It is a pretty good backhoe. Digs well, and has enough digging force to move the tractor even with the stabilizers down sometimes. Nice unit for small jobs.

38 HP tractor. PTO driven Hydraulic pump.

Gearbox on the hydraulic pump seizes. Hilarity ensues. Parts flying like a small detonation had happened. Chains and brackets and bolt heads and other pieces flew with abandon and gusto.

No one was hurt. Chains did break, and pieces of metal were thrown about but they hit exactly no one who was watching me dig the trench. Those guards and shields that always get in the way actually have a purpose….

But they all moved back fairly rapidly.

Now I gotta contact the company and get them to send me a replacement.

No electric install for the range in the meantime. None of the other projects that I have waiting will happen either.

ETA: Now I gotta figure out how to disconnect the damned thing from the tractor……No hydraulics is gonna make things interesting……

4 thoughts on “Luckily, no one was seriously injured

  1. can you patch into the tractors external hydraulics to run a stand alone cylinder that is patched into the backhoe attachment hydraulics?

    Not sure what I wrote makes sense when read 🙂

  2. I mebbe could use the Kubota's hydraulics, but it will take a bit of plumbering.

  3. Ouch. I'm tightened up the next couple weeks, but I could break free a day or so when you're ready.

  4. Glad you're okay… And yes those PITA guards ARE there for a reason…

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