Spent the days off (weekend) making gasoline powered equipment run (most of it hadn’t run in 7-10 years) in order that it can fetch a decent price at an auction of some old folks property….They are both in nursing homes, so the stuff they will never use again is to be sold at auction to help their finances…

I may NEVER use gasoline powered equipment without adding either Stabil or Pri-G in every tank…At least then my stuff will start when it is time for someone to sell my shit…. God, I hate the smell of old stale gas. But I got all but one piece running. Should be worth about $10K more now….

Spent today playing catch up at work  I may well fire someone that work(s)(ed?) for me for being an idiot.

And I was reminded that I had promised to bury some drainage tile at the range tomorrow….which I had planned as a half day off in order that I could sight-in and function test the Non-Ruger 10-22. I’d blow it off but there are 10 other people coming….Shit.,,,,Maybe sometime  *next* Sunday I can actually go to the range and shoot……

And I got a huge oak down due to wind in the back yard….. Anyone in NW Indiana need about 6-8 ton of firewood? You cut it, you haul it, I make you good deal. Really really really good deal. Might even help you load it. I already have enough firewood from last year that I won’t use the new stuff before it rots…..

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