yeah, like that’ll make a difference

I mean, really, like exhuming the body of Nathan Bedford Forrest….Yeah, that’s gonna put everything right…..right?

Gonna fix the issues, yessir, it will. Because confederate….Slavery, KKK……
DoublePlus UnGood bad JuJu to some folks.


Are you idiots gonna insist that we Nuke Africa? “cause you do realize that your ancestors likely were sold into slavery by …..other Africans, Maybe we should kill all the Muslims, because the slave traders who bought your ancestors from the other black people and sold them to the shipowners who brought them to the US were likely Muslims……

Are you fools trying to erase history, rather than rise above it?

You can’t erase it….and your attempts to do so won’t fix your problems, most of which have nothing to do with white people.


3 thoughts on “yeah, like that’ll make a difference

  1. "One wonders whether he – Memphis Mayor A C Shuck & Jive Wharton – thinks marshaling resources to do that is more important than dealing with the city's 145 murders, 320 rapes, 6,900 aggravated assault calls, and 3,000 robberies. All of the Memphis black homicide victims were murdered by other blacks." – Walter Williams, Jul 08, 2015

  2. Their either trying to erase history or they figure that sine he was a lifelong Democrat, they only want to move him as they need more Democrat voters in the new district.

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