Prudence? Or unrealistic fears?

Or just more gun control propaganda?

So the Plainfield, Illinois police were called because some kids were playing with airsoft rifles. 

They confronted the kids, This we know.

The officers claim the kids pointed the rifles at them, and they reacted (as they should have, if their version of the story is true) and nearly shot one of the kids.

The kids claim they were playing in the woods, and never pointed the rifles at the officers., who drew on them immediately….

Which story is true? We don’t know. Kids tend to bend the truth….but so do officers these days….Hard to judge.

But these were kids, not adults. Plainfield is a fairly affluent suburb of Chicago. Not an inner city shithole.  Kids. Fairly young men, not adults, or even adult sized kids.

One would expect officers of the law to have a bit more sense.

This coulda been ugly…very ugly.

Methinks the officers overreacted just a bit…..Perhaps. Pointing a gun shaped object, orange tipped or not, at anyone is not a good idea. How would you react?

Now, having said that, the difference in appearance between an airsoft rifle and a real one is the orange tip, which can be painted on a real rifle for less than $5.00. Can of paint and some tape and 10 minutes, plus dry time.

I am glad everyone went home that day with no extra holes in their body.

2 thoughts on “Prudence? Or unrealistic fears?

  1. Overreacting? Only if we all agree that young males never shoot anyone with real guns. Otherwise, police responded appropriately by drawing their defensive equipment in response to a percieved threat. That's just common sense.

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