Parts arriving….WTF is an “Other” anyway?

So the Non-Ruger 10-22 is coming together….at least the parts are becoming co-located…

Picked up the receiver from my FFL today. 4473 and all. The ATF(e) calls it an “other” …. why?

The Kidd trigger is very sweet. 12 oz and 12 oz  2 stage…Very, very nice. …. the pins holding it in place in the receiver are at exactly the right size. If you hold ’em in your hand too long, they won’t go into the holes in the receiver. Very close tolerances in all of these parts….

So I have receiver, bolt, cocking handle/recoil spring, trigger. Barrel is on the way. I have a Hogue stock that the assembly will live in until I find a better stock. For starters, it’ll get an old Redfield 4-16 X 40 scope that I have laying around to wear until I find something better.

I fully expect that the gun will shoot much better than I can. We shall see. I should be close to MOA shooting, even if it is .22LR.

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