Lets be real here:

Everyone is pointing out that the recruiting office in Chattanooga was a “No Guns” zone. and everyone is at lest insinuating that had those folks been allowed to arm themselves that things would be different.


Probably not, however. Likely nothing would have changed. The asshole (I won’t bother naming him, everyone else has used his name way too much) reportedly used a “High Powered Rifle” to shoot at the recruiting center and kill the marines from OUTSIDE the facility.

Shot through the glass.

When you are working, or shopping are you that vigilant that you are watching the people 100 feet away OUTSIDE THE BUILDING?

I’m likely one of the most….some might say…paranoid…people that I know. If I could remount my eyeballs to scan better, I’d have it done. Always in “Condition Yellow” .Yet I’d have likely missed a threat outside the building a hundred feet away while I was working as well.

You can’t be 100% vigilant all of the time and still be out in the world doing things and getting wotk done. At some point you have to look at what is in front of you. Do a job, read a printout or a computer screen.

You are probably at home reading this. And if you are reading this, then you aren’t scanning for threats…… what about the guy driving by pointing a gun at your house?

Oh, you didn’t see him? All you heard was when he popped of three or 12 shots at the walls in which you reside?  Yeah, well, too late.

And you CAN be armed. Not that it matters, really. The Marines weren’t looking for a threat. Had no reason to believe that there was one….Even if they had been armed. what would have changed?

6 thoughts on “Lets be real here:

  1. Much the same thoughts had occurred to me. The perpetrator shot through the glass, and even were the Marines inside armed, it would have been difficult to return fire accurately and without endangering bystanders, which the Marines, being good guys, would have had to do.
    Still, it would have been nice for them to have the option.

  2. I have to agree with Jon. I'd rather have it, and not need it, then need it and not hae it. Nothing is 100% but if I worked in a recruiting station I'd be bringing in my own weapon in my lunch sack if nothing else.

  3. Nobody likes to break workplace rules. The closer you get to retirement the more you are careful to not be fired "with cause", which will wipe out your retirement benefits.

  4. I know two things:

    1) the marines would have done a better job than I would have if they'd been armed, but they'd still be dead today, and

    2) every word uttered about "gun free zones" in this case is an opportunity lost discussing the threat of islamic terrorism in the United States.

  5. I think this is maybe why so many in so many places are setting up armed perimeters outside the recruiting stations to guard the ones inside.

    But yeah. Knowing that (which I didn't before) makes the whole "close the blinds" order make more sense.

  6. Well, it appears that the dirtbag did not shoot solely from outside as was thought. He entered and fired inside and then went out the back door and killed at least some f the four marines out back as they tried to escape after first helping others to get out. A Navy Lt. Cmdr., commander of the Navy Operational Support Center where the fatalities took place, started to shoot at the pig sucking Islamic dog before he even opened fire. A Marine therein may also have engaged the Muslim POS. It is uncertain as to who it was that took down the terrorist – the police as previously reported, the Marine or the Lt. Cmdr. (or a combination of them or all three). All as per the Navy Times. See:http://www.navytimes.com/story/military/2015/07/21/sources-navy-officer-marine-shot-chattanooga-gunman/30426817/

    All the best,

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