Independence Day

People should call it that….. not “the Fourth of July”.

The day our forefathers the people who made this country, said “Fuck You” to the king.

And signed their names to the document.

That took balls.

Don’t let what they gave us get all tossed around by a bunch of whiney Liberal assholes who think they know better.

Don’t let em fuck up what is, still, the best damned country on this mudball.

2 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. "the people who made this country, said "Fuck You" to the king

    Do you consider those men traitors? No, I don't either.

    I've been seeing some candy-ass liberals calling the men that fought for the Confederacy traitors(you can see examples of this bullshit over at the EarthBound Liberal).

    Fucking bigots(I know, it's one of the first words they learn in LibTard school)


  2. Moe: Depends on your point of view as to whether they were traitors or not, doesn't it?

    The colonists at Lexington were Freedom Fighters….or insurgents.

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