Shut it down.

Like it would be a bad thing?

Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) on Wednesday warned Republicans that if they don’t reach another bipartisan deal to lift spending ceilings, they risk causing another government shutdown this fall.

Let ’em shut it down. If it were me, I’d shut the whole thing down (less the military), and let it stay down for a month Close all those departments like DOE, Dept of Ed, Interior, ATF, etc. Then see what parts we miss, and reactivate those. Let the rest stay shut down until we (they, actually) find a way to not spend more than we bring in each year. In fact, I’d cut them so far that we would have a surplus of 10% until we pay down that debt.

But that’s just me….someone who has to stop spending when I am out of credit and all….

One thought on “Shut it down.

  1. Amen… It's about time they got called on their BS statements…

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