Might as well light a candle

Because it would be as effective, really.

National Gun Violence Day

I mean, really, all the marches, all the rallies, all the Vigils, etc won’t make a single bit of difference.

It isn’t the guns that are killing people.

It is other people killing people.

In Chicago, where this originated, it was, specifically, black people killing other black people.

Vigils won’t change that. Orange shirts won’t change that.

Unless and until people start calling the police and testifying and working with police to change the neighborhoods, it ain’t gonna change.

Name names, not “Sumdood”….”I dint see nuffin”

Orange Shirts on one day are a waste of time.

But, like other Liberal Symbols, it make some people feel good….even if it is pointless.

It won’t mean diddly to the people who are the problem….Won’t affect them, won’t change them, and all those shirts won’t save a single life….The people that are the problem aren’t listening.

2 thoughts on “Might as well light a candle

  1. Guy on the the radio said it best this monring. "If we enacted total gun control just on everyone who voted Democrat, the murder rate would drop to almost nil."

  2. Except those people who are the problem likely don't even bother to vote…

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