Izzn’t this interestin’…..

“I don’t know what drew my attention to the car,” 
Followed him for 30 miles. No evasive action, nothing. You’d think you’d notice after a few miles that a car was following you….especially after you’ve just shot up 9 people in a church. 
Unless you were drugged up…..or programmed…. Just sayin’.
This is another one of those reactions like James Holmes….who was also on psychotropic drugs….who oddly, just sat in his car afterwards. Strange that, 
So did McVeigh so may years ago. 
One wonders.

ETA: I mean, the timing of this incident and the beginnings of an election and such…….

I mean, after the gun control push failed post Sandy Hook, there were, strangely, no publicized massacres (if any at all)…..

And all these kids on medication….

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