The dude at BLM must need to have his ass kicked.  He obviously thinks he can do what he wants.

I bet he thinks the Hippies and all will just knuckle under. I’d bet on the Burning Man attendees just ignoring any BLM directives and getting together anyway. .

I actually hope the BLM boyz and girlz deny the permit…..It’ll be interesting to see the fallout.

3 thoughts on “Interesting(er)

  1. Burning Man is a business. They'll pay, because they make millions off all of their rich attendees. And inaccurate claims of the blog writer aside, Burning Man needs to be policed and supervised because they prove every year that they cannot get together without a significant portion of their attendees overdosing, committing crimes against each other, or as we saw last year, running each other over. If they require babysitters–and Burning Man attendees clearly do–then it falls on them to pay for such things. The alternative is that we taxpayers foot the bills and I'm not ok with subsidizing a bunch of silicon valley hipsters at play for a week.

    But if they don't want the permit, it won't be hard for BLM rangers to block access to the area, just like they did last year for a couple of days when rains made it too muddy for all of the millionaires' RVs to get in without causing damage.

    They'll pay, and life will go on.

    Let's keep one thing in mind: BLM = stewards of our land in trust for all of us = good guys.

  2. BLM: stewards of the land for the BLM… not for you and me. Not good or bad guys, just drones who do what they are told.

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