A bleg:

A while back, before my HD crash, I had bookmarked a website by a woman holstermaker in, IIRC, either Georgia or Alabama.

She had beautiful photos of her work, and I intended to contact her for some custom work for a 1911 holster. But my HD crashed, taking my bookmarks to wherever data goes when a Hard drive becomes unreadable.

Sadly, that is all I remember. My backups only consisted of documents and photos that were not easily reproduced, rather than full backups of all programs, bookmarks, etc.

The pool of possible suspects cannot be that large, yet, sadly, I cannot find her website again, despite much looking.

Anyone know a southern lady who is a holstermaker? I am not 100% certain that it was Georgia or Alabama, but I think so. I am sure it was in the south.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “A bleg:

  1. Sadly, no. Nice holsters, and might be a consideration, but not who I was looking for.

    I cannot find via google or yahoo, hence my bleg.

  2. You might try going to the forums on leatherworker.net and asking if anybody there knows someone who fits the description. Maybe in the help wanted or resources section.

  3. Would Google picture match (or whatever they call it) be of help?

  4. Nope, not her either….

    And Picture match would work IF I had a picture. All was lost with the hard drive.

    I will just keep looking….it's not like I don't have perfectly functional holsters, just wanted something nice for social times and such….

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