2 more for the Dark side….

So Saturday was the shoot for the 2 young ladies.

Mom brought them to the range about 10 AM. Signed them in and had them sign waivers and all the other stuff the range requires.

Showed them around.

Then we had a short familiarization for the 2 girls.

Safety briefing.
4 rules
types of actions
4 rules.

Range safety briefing
4 rules

Time to shoot. Indoor range (Mosquitos were….voracious.) Strung the 7 yd cable and hung some targets.

go over the 4 rules again.

.22 pistols (the girls liked those, especially the ones with red dots)

.380’s (not so much)

big 9MM. Yeah!

small 9mm (not so much).

.38Special. (Meh)

.45 (1911). YES!

Their hands were a bit small for the pistols (being young girls) but they hit every time, at least on a NRA 50 ft Small Bore Pistol target. (about 12X12). With the .22 and the .45 they ate the black out of the targets….

The outdoor 50 yd/25 yd range was occupied, so we did .22 rifles inside at 50 ft.

Both girls like the scoped 10-22….(who wouldn’t?) and the one said “This is just like Call of Duty!”

Hits were hard to call after the first one, even with Shoot and See targets. All one hole (I know, 50 feet, but still, first time shooters).

I had fun, they had fun, they learned something, learned that guns are not toys, and above all, I got to see two beautiful “first time shooters” smiles. Was too busy to take pictures.

They want to come and do some more shooting soon.

Mission accomplished.

5 thoughts on “2 more for the Dark side….

  1. Sounds like the first time I took my daughter to the range.
    Henry 22 Youth Model, and she also ate the middle right out of the target.

    – Charlie Mitchell

  2. Both of my girls enjoy the scoped 10/22 I set up for them. With the Ruger BX25 mags they can blow through it too. You're doing great things for those youngins B. Keep up the good work.

  3. LOL, did that with a friend's daughter… I think she shot 250 rounds between the .22s and the .45. She now has her own AR, and a .380… And can't wait to be 21 to get her carry permit. AND she bought the guns with her own money!

  4. Good job.
    I'm still working on getting my girlfriend's daughter to get over her aversion to guns (her mom is already an avid shooter after I took her to a friend's NRA Basic Pistol course)

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