I have a notification that I can get Windows 10 for free from Microsoft.

Forums say this is a good thing, but some say this will become a subscription sort of thing.

I HATE —really absolutely positively HATE— windows 8.X. Can’t stand it. Hate the tiles, Hate the whole fucking thing.  It’s probably great in a tablet, but I’m using a laptop.

So if I upgrade, to 10, what is it like….More like 8, or can it be like 7? And if I DON’T upgrade, then what? At some point next year or whatever I can’t use my machine and haveta upgrade anyway? (or buy a new machine or whatever?)

(knowledgeable) Advice is sought.

Please, don’t advise me to go Linux.

ETA: Is Microsoft gonna continue to support 7 after 10 comes down the pike? Or will those of us who choose to stay in the Dark Ages fail to take the upgrade when offered to 10 (free) get screwed later?

Enquiring minds wanno know and all that.

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  1. Download and install "Classic Shell" it will make you win8 look and feel like win7

  2. I have been sticking with Win7, and it has treated me well. Most Win 8 packages do have the ability to downgrade to win 7, I don't know if you were aware of that.

    Me, I'm sticking with 7 until the next platform, whatever it is, is proven, stable, and not full of useless gimmicks.

  3. Yeah, but my one machine where I had 8 (and then 8.1) it wouldn't downgrade.

  4. I am debating on trying to put windows ten on a separate partition on the drive so I can choose either 8 or 10 at start up. Been several years since I have done multiple OS's on a computer. Have to do some investigating on the how to with modern OS's. I hate 8, but like you, my computer won't do 7. Still, it is a free upgrade from Microsoft, so I am not out anything.

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