Kickin’ the can

On down the road…..

So the rush to judgement has 6 cops charged, after only a  few days of investigation.

Did the cops take Freddie Gray on a wild ride? A little “Road Therapy”? Probably. Is there proof? Not really..the Detectives doing the internal “Investigation” (oops!) waited too long to collect videotaped evidence, so much of it is taped over by now….

Are all 6 of the cops guilty? Maybe, maybe not. But the “Nickle Tour”…a little “Screen Test” or, as they call it around here, “Road Therapy” is a common  thing for people who the cops wish to impart a lesson to…Adjusts their attitude a bit, you see…..

But I think the charges were rushed to placate the crowd…..Arrests (temporarily) satisfy the crowd. [Look!!! We are doing something!!!]

The real big riot is gonna happen when there isn’t enough evidence to convict. And that(unless the verdict is released during a hurricane or a blizzard) is gonna lead to even bigger and more intense riots.

Bet on it. The only thing the people who rioted will accept to placate them is a lynching.

3 thoughts on “Kickin’ the can

  1. With a Hip-Hop mayor and prosecutor ain't no surprises so far.

    True da cops may have put a beat down on Mr Gray; they is pretty bad for doing crap like that when they think no one is watching. But considering brother Gray's rap-sheet he prolly needed a little attitude adjustment.

    Blacks and cops, sure ain't no good answers for that mess!!!


  2. Agree – the excessive charges distracted and emboldened the mob.

    Can you imagine what the elected Democrat authorities will have to do to distract and embolden the same mob when these charges don't stick?

    I'd expand on this thought here, but alas, I'm off to the range.

  3. I suspect the only good thing to come out of this will be that the reasonably intelligent citizens of Baltimore will have a lull in which to pack up and move somewhere else.

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