It occurs to me….

(And please understand, I am waiting like the rest of you to find out what the official story is/will be/evolves into regarding the “shootout” at the Twin Peaks in Waco….First it was no cops doing the shooting, and as of this posting they are admitting that 4 of the deaths were from Police firearms as well as several of the injuries….)

Now, I wasn’t there, and likely neither were you. I’m not willing to pass any judgement on what happened…..we don’t know, and likely never really will know just how it went down.

But I do know this. All of the members of the Bandidos and the Cossacks (and likely the rest of the Clubs there) were white or appeared to be white …maybe somewhat Hispanic.

None were black.

Had this been a group of black people, there would already be rioting and crimes and looting. Because “Black”.

While I really doubt that the members of the motorcycle clubs deserved to be shot at and killed by the police in Waco, they weren’t choir boys either……

Oddly,  I don’t see any white folks rioting…. Nor looting. Nor sympathy riots or marches in other cities….

(Although I hear that the Bandidos other member clubs are gathering to demonstrate their displeasure to the Waco police, but that is personal).

3 thoughts on “It occurs to me….

  1. I was planning on doing a little rioting and looting, but, I had to go to my job. Darn the luck:) Also, the DOJ doesn't bus white folk in, or print signs to show our outrage.

  2. Seriously? Am I supposed to give a hoot about a bunch of bikers killing each other, over a parking space? If they are already doing the deed, it can't be far off to expect the cops to have to do "something" to quell that size of problem and probably be justified in defending themselves to boot.

  3. Mr B, I know you to be a man who considers ALL the angles (or grassy knolls) in a story. I think you are right to sink your teeth into this one. The stories keep changing, evidence is getting lost, rumors of SWAT snipers involved. One might venture to guess, if one were so inclined, that this was a simple gang fist fight turned SWAT slaughter.

    On the bright side, no kids were burned alive this time.

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