Apparently, some police departments do practice

Seems that the Bardstown Ky. police have used their firearms (GLOCK 23’s) enough that the frames are cracking.  (and no, this isn’t a slam on GLOCK pistols)

I honestly didn’t think many police officers actually, you know, *fired* enough rounds for this to happen. I have no idea of the round count, but I bet it is a lot, for this to happen…..

I mean, it took 15 years, but still…

One thought on “Apparently, some police departments do practice

  1. My 23 has been cracked for years. The 'original' 23's were shit, from the unsupported chamber (almost all of the glockabooms were the unsupported chambered ones) to the shit frames. Subsequent generation took care of most of those problems.
    They'll fix them, but new is the fastest way to get it done. ( I think I was quoted 8-12 weeks several years ago, along with another transfer fee because the frame numbers wouldn't match)

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