Yeah, I gott agree with this

GO….. Read it. This is what I was talking about when I wrote THIS.

But (as usual) Ace says it better:

 I don’t want you or any of the other rules-following, orderliness-obsessed corporatists making decisions for me.

I choose liberty, and I choose my own conscience. And choosing that means, get this, that I must also choose liberty and the right to consciencefor others.

This is a time for clarity, and this is a time for choosing. This is a time to discover who it is who really supports Liberty and Freedom, and who it is who is really all about Control and Conformity.

For many years, many conservatives have really been more about the latter than the former. I have admitted, and I will continue to admit, I was among them. I have long had pronounced authoritarian and statist tendencies.

I fight against them now, like an alcoholic fights his lust for drink.

But too many conservatives continue championing Social Control and Conformity while mouthing the empty platitudes about how wonderful Freedom is.

Freedom to do exactly what is permitted on pages 36-42 of the Corporate Handbook, that is.
Anything else is A Disorder and thus Subversive.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. Not sure who or what Bill Quick might be, but Ace has the perfect slamdown.

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