Trust in our courts, they say.

Unless, of course, the courts (and especially the judges) are partisan hacks that do the bidding of a political party and/or the unions that helped get them appointed.

Not to mention the (apparently) bought and paid for district attorney who began the harassment.

Or the cops who, despite knowing that the raids were, at best harassment and very close to illegal, followed orders and executed the harassing raids anyway.  Because orders.

But we should, always (according to some people), “Let the System Work” even when it destroys the lives of people whose only crime is being on the wrong political party.

Trust  the Police. Yeah, that works so well too,

Yer supposed to be afraid of the cops in Banana Republics and the Communist USSR and North Korea….But not in the US. Right? Right?

Sure. I mean, Wisconsin is kinda almost a socialist area anyway, what with the Union influence and all….Especially Milwaukee…..”

Don’t call your lawyer. Don’t talk to anyone about this. Don’t tell your friends.”

READ THIS. If it doesn’t make you angry (and just a little bit afraid) then you aren’t paying attention. This happened in the heartland of the United States.

People should be charged and incarcerated for these actions. Judges and attorneys who enabled these actions should be hung (after a fair trial, of course)for perverting our system of Justice. Policemen who participated in these raids KNOWING that they were illegal should be stripped of their powers (and pensions).

And remember, the Police were “Just Following Orders” when they raided the homes of the people in this article.

Realize that it has taken FIVE YEARS for these actions to come to light.

Think about it. What if it were you…?  Or your friends….Or your parents. People who worked peacefully and legally to make changes in their state who were terrorized because of their actions….

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  1. The really scary thing is that I sleep with a firearm nearby. If I was awakened in the middle of the night by someone knocking down the front door my first reaction would be to come out shooting.

    That would not end well…

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