So that officer?

You know, the one that killed the guy who was running away from him, who shot at him something like 8 times….and who killed the man?

The one who claims that the guy tried to steal his Tazer and use it against him.

Yeah, that cop.

The one who is shown on the video (apparently) dropping the same Tazer at the lifeless body of the man he just shot?

Yeah, that’s not the guy I am gonna talk about here.

What I want to know is what about the other cops, the ones that corroborated the first (above) one’s story? The ones that were there when he dropped the “evidence” at the body? The ones that filed a false police report. The ones that supported their fellow officer even when he committed murder…Are they still police officers?

If so, why? Why aren’t they in jail, charged with conspiracy after the fact? Conspiracy to conceal a murder? Conspiracy to hide the planting of evidence? Filing a false police report? Conspiracy in the filing of a false police report. (remember, there were TWO other officers…both of whom lied. 3 people, 3 SWORN POLICE OFFICERS lied in their reports. 3 sworn officers conspired to cover up a murder. Yet only one is charged.

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