So I am finding it interesting

Watching those people who preach “tolerance” and “respect for other’s beliefs” tearing themselves up trying to quash those who happen to believe differently from them.

The Gays who want “tolerance”, but have none for those who find the gay lifestyle disgusting. (I really don’t care, mind you, that’s your business) but who would doeverything in their power to destroy those who won’t validate their lifestyle.

And I am amused when those same gay groups (a very tiny, but VERY vocal minority)  try to destroy someone who disagreed with them are shocked and amazed when the rest of society rallies ’round those whom they would try to destroy.

I think that the Gay and the seriously Anti-gay folks are both truly a minority. I believe that the rest of us really don’t give a shit. I also think that each time the “Outrage Brigades” (on every side) pick a target we should rally round and give ’em the good ole Razberry like in the above case.

But I, for one am disgusted by the tactics of those who would preach “tolerance” but will not practice it. Those who feel “tolerance” means “agree with me or die”.

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