I’m thinking that the grass seed I planted

Is defective.

I mean, a WEEK ago, I planted grass seed 70+ pounds of it. . No sprouting yet.

My yard looks like a 4 year old’s self administered haircut.

4 thoughts on “I’m thinking that the grass seed I planted

  1. I'm having that issue too. I suspect the birds have picked off most of the seed I sowed. I know our local wildlife biologist tried to renovate his lawn only to have the local herd of feral turkeys eat all his grass seed.

  2. Yeah, the birds had a field day with mine as well. I put bird seed in the feeder that costs a lot less per bag, but they must like the grass seed better.

    I have also come to the conclusion that Scotts weed and feed must mean weed seeds and fertilizer for the weeds as the dandelion populations seems to be thriving after the application:)

  3. Rich, as my dad said, keep the weeds mowed and from he road, it looks like a lawn.

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