I think I’ll try to find a way

To insult, denigrate or otherwise royally piss off the LBGT community…..

Maybe they will then start hammering me via the press, the Internet and other social media. I mean, I could use something like more than $800K donated to me by my fellow straight citizens to help me out (note: an average of a little under $30 per person….a lot of people donated!) because the press and the faggots and the dykes were having a screaming shit fit because I didn’t validate their existence and say that their lifestyle is all good an OK and holy nd shit. (hint: I really don’t give a fuck who you sleep with or how (or how many at a time), as long as they are adults.)

I mean, how can I piss ’em off so I can get the same press and garner the same type of sympathy…. I could use that kind of scratch to live the lifestyle to which I’d like to become accustomed.

Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “I think I’ll try to find a way

  1. B,

    Best post ever!

    Like that "and the faggots and the dykes" lingo. Wish you had thrown in the F-bomb and nigger just to make it a little more earthy.



  2. Effin niggers didn't need inclusion in this context Mo.Goes without saying. Get yor buuthurt card on the line on the left, one cross each.

  3. IANAH, but I could probably get a bunch of gay people I know to picket your place of business, and try to get some national attention. So long as we get our cut.

  4. Glenn 609b,

    You misunderstood, I ain't butthurt. I thought the post was funny as hell.

    When it comes to whining ass bitch's wanting special treatment the kneeegro should always be included.


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