Glad someone else noticed:

Someone who has enough clout to get this Police Officer, Clarence Habersham, who lied and helped to cover up a murder tossed off the force. Yes, a Police officer who lied and tried to cover up a murder by a fellow officer.

Thing here is, if he lied about the incident between Mr. Scott (dead, not talking) and Officer Michael Slager (whose story was totally refuted by the video), what else has he lied about? ALL of his prior testimony is suspect. Each and every time he arrested someone, every time he testified in court, all of it is now suspect.

And apparently, there is another officer who lied…Sargent James Gann.

Police bleed blue and all that. When is a crime enough that they will break ranks?

Not all police are bad. I know several that I respect, and if they told me that the sky had turned yellow I’d believe them. But some are bad. Very bad. Liars thieves and cheats.  And they stain the good officer’s uniforms as well.

3 thoughts on “Glad someone else noticed:

  1. It's nice to see them actually going beyond the minimum. Usually when it involves police, they all get a free ride. Would be nice to see them slam him in jail for falsifying a report among many other charges.

    If it was a buddy lying for a regular citizen in a similar situation, there would be no hesitation or question about it, all people even suspected would be locked up. Same rules should apply for officers as do for us normal folk.

  2. Virtually all of the police actions and statements regarding that incident make me want to puke. One after another they seem to stand in support of a cop who gunned down a man for no apparent justifiable reason. It is sickening.

  3. One of the problems is, the job attracts a certain kind of guy who gets off on the power. Like an all boys school attracts a certain kind of pervert. There has to be a better job done of screening the people who do that job, and the"Blue wall" has to work better; once upon a time, that "Blue wall" protected good cops and kept wrong cops out, or pushed them out when they turned wrong. Maybe that's a fantasy, I don't know. But this shit can't keep happening.

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