Are you thrilled

With the Patriot Act?

Like the fact that it authorizes bulk surveillance..the fact that the NSA can choose to track your calls, your texts, your emails….”Just Because”.

Are you thrilled by the rest of the loss of freedoms and loss of privacy? With all the other freedoms and additional government powers implemented since 9-11 (in the name of Safety and Security)?

DO YOU REALIZE THAT THE SURVEILLANCE POWERS STILL DIDN’T GET USED TO STOP THE TSARNEVS (the brothers that blew up the bombs at the last Boston Marathon) but are still being used to spy on  you….All in the name of Security….

Realize that the Patriot Act is going to expire on June 1. UNLESS CONGRESS RENEWS IT. Call, write, email, fax. Tell ’em NO! Tell ’em to let it expire.

You can find your Senator and Congressman (if you don’t know who they are (mine are on speed dial in my cell phone)) via the “contacting the Congress link on the left…just below the Amazon link (which you should use when buying from Amazon to earn me a commission at no cost to you, but that isn’t important right now).

Remember, that is part of where the TSA came from too (although that is a different bit of legislation).

Just tell ’em to vote NO. We don’t need it, and it hasn’t caught a single Terrorist.