Well, that sucks. Thanks Para-USA and Remington

I called Para today, seeking parts for my LDA carry 3″ (sorta not quite a 1911). I needed a recoil spring…..

On hold for 15 minutes.

When the service agent answered, he listened to my issue, and then apologized.

No parts available. Seems that since the company was bought by Remington, they have zero parts inventory. (this is a guaranteed for life product. I expected it to be the life of the firearm, not the life of the company that produced it….) He did say that once things settle down, they expect to have parts available sometime this summer…maybe.

His alternate suggestion: Buy a recoil spring assembly for the equivalent Kimber 3″ pstol. Said it should work. Of course, that also means that I have to pay for it.

Y’know, quality control issues aside, I like the Para LDA products. But whoever is in  upper level management just can’t seem to make the company do things right.

Oh, well, I can only hope that once things settle with Remington that they will have parts and they will (as promised) honor the warranties.

3 thoughts on “Well, that sucks. Thanks Para-USA and Remington

  1. That sucks Mr. B. They should be sending you xmas cards to show their appreciation for your off-the-charts loyalty.

    I have long since set my expectations low with gun makers. Sometimes that means I'm pleasantly surprised with good service.

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