The sad part

Is that she is allowed to vote.The fact than anyone would write such an article (and not as satire) should mean that she is automatically proscribed from voting.

Not saying that everything is wrong, but really, when your entire article can be boiled down to “men bad, Patriarchy, and women better”…. it is sad. Even sadder that this is published in the WSJ.

I’ll not get into the whole “women work from emotion rather than logic” argument, nor the fact that women’s motivations change as they grow older, from childbearing years to post menopause… the illogic they exhibit though their cycles, etc.

Instead I’ll just find it sad that a once prestigious publication like the Wall Street Journal would even publish such an article, for any reason.

Even “because Patriarchy”.

One thought on “The sad part

  1. This feminist madness will last about 15 seconds after the lights go out or the economy crashes. I for one can't wait and I hope it happens before I die so I can see the look on their faces.

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