The Republicans cave (again)

Tell me again why we bother to vote these limp-dicked weasels into office?

I mean, they caved (again) on the spending bill for the DHS…no immigration language. SO after all their rhetoric, they gave Barry what he wanted…..again!

Yeah, the Ballot Box is looking like a dead end here…..’cause apparently your vote doesn’t count.

To those Representatives:
Look: you folks hold the power of the purse. YOU CONTROL the budget. You decide what gets funded…..and what doesn’t. Without your funding bills, the Senate is powerless to fund government. You should have stood fast….you should have done WHATEVER is necessary to stop Barry’s amnesty plans. Spending bills don’t originate in the Senate…they originate in the HOUSE.

You have failed and betrayed those people who voted you into office….again.

Or it may be that you whored sold yourselves to the current administration.

Your legacy will be one of failure, spinelessness and cowardice…..and betrayal.

I hold you all in contempt.

6 thoughts on “The Republicans cave (again)

  1. I will be voting, as I always do. I did check role call. My representative, Bucshon, whom I voted for, voted no. Coats, whom I also voted for voted no. Visclosky (your area) and Donnelly both voted yes. Donnelly I voted against. Visclosky, I am lucky enough not to be cursed with living in the liberal section of the state that keeps voting the clown in.
    Yes, I will be voting. And I will also send my congress critters a thank you for trying. I don't rate Donnelly as one of my congress critters as, as I stated, I did NOT vote for him.

    If the passing of such bills as this bothers people, then they need to get out in greater numbers and displace the useless rabble (aka, Donnelly and Visclosky among others). You are cursed with Visclosky on account of the area you live in. Too many people living on the governmental teat in the surrounding areas up there. All you can do is keep trying.

    Coats is up for reelection in 2016 so hopefully you will be there to support him as he does tend to try. I feel the pain, as I am sick of the ball-less wonders buckling to the will of the demorats, no matter which party has the majority apparently. All we can do is keep trying to replace the bad. There are way too many people out there that will bitch about stuff like this, but they fail to vote, therefore, the rabble gets in, therefore, they are part of the problem. Lots of nonvoters at work that bitch nonstop about immigration and Obama. To me, they have no right to whine, they got what they voted for by staying home.

  2. I hear ya, man. I'm thinking that we're getting close to actual fighting time, especially on the subject of the illegal alien invasion. We may have to stand up as citizens and drive them out of our country ourselves since those that we elected refuse to uphold the laws that would have kept them out or removed them otherwise. And once it's started, why stop there? I can think of 535 others (plus two) who should probably be leaving as well.

  3. I am coming to the conclusion that the Communists have won. They have infiltrated this country by stealth. Universities, High Schools, local governments, the Federal Agencies almost in their entirety. The "Two Party System" is maintained as a fiction to keep the poulace from getting too disturbed. In reality, there is only one party, the Big Government Party. The ballot box has come up short. The dishonesty of the media covers it up,and plans are being laid to shut people like me up forever. Very scary times

  4. The time is getting nigh. The tree of liberty is starting to shrivel and it needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and scum bag fuckstains.

  5. The time is getting nigh. The tree of liberty is starting to shrivel and it needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and scum bag fuckstains.

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