The onliest ones.

“But I Am a Cop!”

So on my way home, I stopped at the Post Office in a very small town to check the P.O. Box.  I stop about twice a week to check on it.

As is Federal Law, I disarm, leaving my carry gun locked in the car (or truck). I believe the requirement that I disarm to get my mail is illegal and unconstitutional, but the courts disagree, so I follow the law.

As I am coming into the Post Office, my holster empty (and coat pulled over it) , I encounter the Chief of Police of that small town. He is in civilian clothes and I realized that the car I had parked next to in the lot was his personal car. I smile and raise my hand in greeting.

He looks at me and says “Hi”, and then waits while I fish out my key and open the mailbox. I retrieve my mail and then turn to see what he wants…

Now this Cop is, actually, generally a decent sort. He does his job, seldom has an attitude, and is a decent guy most of the time… I have interacted with him several times over the years. His officers use our range twice a year to practice and before their certification testing (which is another good story for another time). He knows I carry, and have a permit.

“Got a question for ya, B” he says. “Do you carry here in the Post Office?”

“Nope,” I said, “Federal Law, ya know…..not worth losing my permit over…plus there is the whole prison thing…”.

“You wouldn’t just be saying that, would you?” He asks.

“Nope, I am serious. No heater today…not in here……In the car”.

“Mind if I check?”

“Actually, yes….Got a warrant?”

“No. Was just curious”

“Probable cause?”


“Then I decline to be searched” I said with a smile…”Fourth Amendment, you know”

We stare at each other for a moment, then I step between him and the door and then ask….”You on duty? Or on the way home?”

“On the way home”.

“Ah, so you are here as a civilian then, not on Police business”

“Yep, if you want to look at it that way.”.

“But you are carrying,” I point out pointing at his Glock in a OWB holster…”In a Post Office….Isn’t that a felony?”

“I’m a cop” he says, and brushed past me and left….

Interesting, Innit?

6 thoughts on “The onliest ones.

  1. Rules are for thee, not me, I see.

    Serious question, let's say, for arguments sake, you decided to run in and run out. Maybe you saw someone in a suspicous car and didnt want to be unarmed at all. Do you think he would have arrested you?

    Another point that I think of. Don't these LEO's realize that if they were in a bad situation, most law abiding, carrying citizens would help them?

    I don't see how this tension of authority over the civilians will be remedied.

  2. Now seeing a problem, here. Sworn police officers are almost universally expected to take police action should a serious crime occur in their presence, on the clock or off it.

    Of course I don't see any "tension of authority over civilians", either. What I do see is lots of people trying to make an "us vs them" contest vis-a-vis the police when there's no real cause for it. And as proof, how many videos can you find on Youtube of armed citizens doing thei best to provoke a police response just so they can pick a fight and post it to the internet? Now if cops did that, people would be outraged, wouldn't they?

  3. It's actually illegal for a gun to be in the parking lot of a post office as well as the interior. We are going through a lawsuit up here in Avon CO. over that because we do not have any mail delivery. Also, and you'd have to look this up, but seeing as it's a federal law that doesn't have a corresponding state law, I've heard that most local cops can't arrest you on it and it takes some form of Fed.


  4. My understanding is that as long as it remains in the vehicle, I am ok. Can't leave the vehicle with it on me.

    As far as I am aware, I am following the law. If not, and someone can show the relevant cites for regulations, I would appreciate it.

    Don't want to get a Federal felony.

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