Just a reminder:

About 10 days ago, the Obama administration GAVE AWAY 3+ BILLION DOLLARS of your money to private insurance firms. Gave.It.Away……Illegally.

And it was only because of the Internet that you even heard about it.

The Big Media didn’t tell you….Not a single TV news organization… NBC, not CBS, not ABC…not even FOX. …no major newspaper told you either…Not the Times, (NY nor LA) not the Tribune. Nor the Register, nor even the WSJ. Certainly not the Christian Science Monitor.

It was the interenet. That last open, unregulated means of communication. Invented by AlGore, it has brought freedom of communication to nearly everyone in the US and Canada.

Until, of course, the Feds start to change that.

But I digress. Back to my original topic.  I have to ask, where are our legislators? Why aren’t they stopping Barry from his illegal acts? He can’t isn’t supposed to give away billions of US government (which means ours, BTW) dollars to private firms without the advice and consent of Congress. IN fact, it takes and act of legislation that BEGINS in the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES to spend money like that. And yet our Congress just looks the other way and lets him act….


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  1. Because, they're all in on it together, bottom line……..

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