Darwin missed him, but got his wife instead

Here is a hint, just in case you need it:

Your GPS is a GUIDE. Look outside the car…. pay attention.

Man drives car off of partially demolished bridge. 

I know this bridge. I live sorta nearby. You gotta go around 4 sets of orange and white signs and 2 sets of Jersey barriers to get to where he fell off the end of the bridge.

It’s been closed since fall of 2009 or so.

I’m sorry the Mrs. died. Shoulda been him, if only for stupidity. Dying while trapped  in a burning car isn’t the end I’d wish for anyone.

But seriously, you gotta TRY to get to where he did in order for this to happen.

One wonders.

Oh, and update your GPS maps occasionally…….. the bridge had been closed since 2009….

3 thoughts on “Darwin missed him, but got his wife instead

  1. I guess Iftikhar Hussain found out "I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you" doesn't work in the USA and he didn't want to go to court about it.

  2. Most people never do, nor do they update the built in nav systems in their vehicles.

  3. I used to drive that stretch of 912. I remember when they were building it and had a section fall, and guys were trapped in rebar and concrete.

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