179 years ago

The boys at the Alamo fired their last shots and went hand to hand.

They lost the battle, but they accomplished what they set out to do: To delay Santa Anna and his army so that Fannin and Houston could mass an army to meet them.

There are no good ways to dies, but the Texians at the Alamo did it in a way that made their deaths worth something.

Heroes are often victims of circumstance…some ride to the occasion and become heroes, others do not and remain victims., but these men made  a choice, and, if they they lost their stand, they still won a war. .

If you have never been to the Alamo, you might be surprised at how small it was….

IMO, this should be a National Holiday.

2 thoughts on “179 years ago

  1. No national holiday while your current administration is in power.

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