You should call your Congressmen and Senators:

Ask ’em to look into the case of Maj. Matt Golsteyn…Silver Star recipient. 

The Army, apparently in retaliation for some disparaging remarks, is revoking the Silver Star awarded for Heroism under fire. They claim unspecified criminal acts and violations of Rules of Engagement, but haven’t charged him with any crimes nor violations. Why, if he has done something so heinous, haven’t they charged him?

This is, in my opinion, bullshit, and any officer involved should be stripped of his or her rank and discharged under less than honorable circumstances. 

If the man has done wrong, then charge him. Let a courts martial tribunal decide. 

Anything else is an insult to our troops and them men who lead them. If we allow the upper echelons of the armed services to shaft our military heroes, then how can we expect loyalty from them or the men who follow them? 

I was waiting for more info, but Borepatch pushed me into posting this as well….

I’ve called my Senators (positive response) and Congressmen(waste of time, actually) and asked for them to investigate.. So should you. Ask ’em to look into this a bit. If ever there was a good reason for a Senatorial Investigation (they do so many that are a waste of time) then this is one….I believe that this requires more investigation. If Major Golsteyn has done something wrong worthy of having his Silver Star stripped, then he should be charged and tried. If not then he should retain it. 

Take a minute and call. If you don’t know your Senators numbers, (You should, mine are in my cell phone’s contact list) then you can find them over at the top left column under “How to find your Congresscritters.” or just click the link. 
I thank you for your time on this.