Yeah, all you folks who crap on Indiana.

It is, for the most part, a fairly flat, boring state to drive through…..and not much happens here.


Thing is, we are #3 in the Freedom Index:

 Now we are far from perfect. But overall, we are better than nearly all the states.

There is always room for improvement, and we have to be ever vigilant to keep it that way….. And you might disagree with the ranking methods used. But you know, deep in your heart, that the rankings are close to correct no matter how you do them.

And, chances are, my state ranks higher than yours. So eat me.  Where does your state rank?

7 thoughts on “Yeah, all you folks who crap on Indiana.

  1. 12th — Texas

    But there is a reasonable chance Open Carry will pass; a better than average chance that Campus Carry will pass also.

    Plus we have a new Governor – Greg Abbott who likes to sue the Federal government. I expect good things from him.

    Bob S.

  2. Well you're right I don't agree with the way they applied the rankings but I don't consider Indiana all that bad either. In fact I just recently did a post saying I thought the land was fertile and rich and very beautiful. Just don't try and drive on the interstates there very fast as the saturation of semi-tractor trailer trucks in so high along with the LEO concentration of speed traps.

    I didn't think the Western half of Indiana was all that flat really. Some huge nice looking fields but enough hills to make it interesting. If anything I thought the tree lines were a little too clean though.

  3. I have long said Indiana has no tourist trade for a reason. We're the "Get off my lawn, buy your cheap smokes and gas and get back to Chicago or to your Michigan cottage" state.

  4. I find it MORE interesting to see who's on the bottom of the list… All the BLUE states…

  5. Congrats Mr. B.

    I'll sneak over the border from Ohio and redistribute a few breathes of that sweet, sweet air of freedom you guys have.

    I bet you breathe all the time and don't even appreciate it…

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