We got civilized

They didn’t.

Barry, you are an ass. A total disingenuous ass. With bells. and cherries.

Yes, centuries ago, when the standards for behavior were different, when life was cheaper, the Christians were barbarians according to today’s standards….So were the Jews. And especially, so were the Muslims.So were the Vikings.

That was then, this is today.

Today, however, the Jews and the Christians have a much more civilized standard of behavior.

To justify actions taken TODAY, in this century, by comparing those actions to those of peoples and civilizations of 200, 500 , 700 and even a thousand years ago is to justify the fact that the Muslims (at least a significant subset of them) are stuck in third century standards of behavior.

We got civilized. They didn’t. If they can’t, then we need to eradicate them.

Making excuses for barbaric behavior by bringing up acts from hundreds of years ago is, at the basics, a lie.

You make the case for “Us or Them” .

It won’t end well for them. They may have the numbers, but we in the west have better toys. Once we decide they are barbarians, they will cease to exist.

2 thoughts on “We got civilized

  1. Typical left wing 'excuse' for the muslim's behaviour… sigh

  2. Problem is, all the cool toys in the world won't do a damn bit of good if the guy in the big chair doesn't have the cojones to flex his trigger finger.

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