So yer hauling 23 lbs of pot.

And you pull something stupid, like failure to signal, and failure to stop before turning…..

And ya get pulled over. 

And in your backseat, in (more or less) plain sight is the pot.

Just how stupid do you have to be?

I’m no expert, and I haven’t carried any pot in my car….

But reading these same stories over and over, I can tell you a few rules:

1. DO Keep it covered. Big box, duffle bag, whatever. Trunk if possible. If not, SOMETHING INCONSPICUOUS.

2. DON’T speed, fail to stop, fail to signal, roll stop signs, etc. Don’t fail to make sure all of your lights are working…turn signals, headlights, brake lights, etc. 

Dude has probably done this for a long time, but just one mistake like any of the above listed and a cop decides to pull you over and your day has gone all to shit.

 23 lbs should fit in a big box in the backseat or the trunk (or, at least both,  if need be).

6 thoughts on “Stupid

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  3. Im pretty sure i could hide 23 lbs of dope in my pants, and it would barely be noticeable.

  4. That's why it's called dope. 'Cause the carriers and users of such tend to be dopes.

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