“Obama was right!!! I got insurance for $16!”

Yeah, one of my part time employees actually said that.

“He did keep the price of insurance down, just like he promised!” 

She believes that. Really. That her insurance cost is low, and NO ONE ELSE is paying more. Cheap insurance. Because Obama.

Gah. And she votes.

Just wait until she has to actually use it. She didn’t read the fine print, I did. Gonna be some surprises coming.

One thought on ““Obama was right!!! I got insurance for $16!”

  1. I am a part time worker, so I get no insurance from my employer. My insurance is $300 a month with a $4000 deductible, and I am not eligible for a subsidy. It is cheaper for me to pay as I go and just pay the fine. (Which I applied for the exemption, and was approved, meaning that there was no penalty this year.)

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