Just got home.

Spent the night working, as others were unable to make it in due to the blowing schnew.

Wasn’t the worst storm I’ve ever seen but it was a LOT of heavy snow at first (which packed on the roads), and then a fair amount of light fluffy blowing snow (total of about 17″ in all) leaving visibility to near zero early Sunday evening. Plus an intermixure at times of sleet.freezing rain, and ice pellets for fun.

And yet, oddly enough, the end of the world didn’t happen. Civilization didn’t come to a stop. AFAIK, no blanket order to not drive. No highways were closed, although the State Police did discourage people from driving if possible.

There were the requisite number of accidents due to people driving too fast or following too closely (mostly travelers trying to pass through, and failing because they didn’t know how to drive in the conditions), and the tow trucks were busy.

But the cities didn’t shut down. People went and came and traveled as they chose And life went on.

WTF? Why can’t the Blue staters East Coasters figure out how to live with winter?  The entire Flyover country midwest, from Ohio to Nebraska, from Minnesota and Michigan to southern Illinois and Indiana, clean to Oklahoma can figure it out….Denver/Colorado, Idaho and Montana can figure it out. Yet 4 flakes and the East Coast panics.


2 thoughts on “Just got home.

  1. The East coasters all think they're special snowflakes. So when so many snowflakes fall around them they don't feel so special and they panic and are unable to drive or even think rationally.

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