It is, of course,

All about race.

Not the fact that the team had members from as far as 25 miles outside of the borders of the area.

No, that couldn’t be the issue. It wasn’t “cheating, cheating” that part of the team was composed of ringers from a very wide area, rather than just the inner city kids. It was just that the rules were racist.

Nope, It must be because those boys were black. Negroes, as it were. Gotta keep the darkies down…..

Jesus, just what are they teaching these kids. Cheating is ok? Lying to gain the end you want is good? Do whatever it takes to win, rules and morals don’t matter?

Now, I am not blaming these 13 year old boys. They, as a team, worked hard and and accomplished their goal and won. The fact that some of their team members were ineligible to play on that team, that they were “ringers” as it were, is not the fault of those boys, but rather the fault of the adults.

The fact that so many people knew and were willing to look the other way is terrible. The fact that so many others are willing to complain that the team was stripped of their title and make excuses for this behavior is even worse. The fact that so many people are willing to use this (and the team) as a way to get their faces in front of the cameras one more time is yet worse again.

The sad part was the media attention that was given to the fact that these boys who won were black, back when they won their games. Like it was something surprising that some inner city black kids could compete against white suburban kids at all. That is the racist part, really.