Hoping and praying that the House stands their ground

On the DHS funding/Immigration defunding bill.

Please, house members and leadership. Show a little backbone. Stand fast. Don’t follow protocol and waffle at the last minute.

Do what we elected you to do.

3 thoughts on “Hoping and praying that the House stands their ground

  1. Looks like the ballless SOB's are caving. They are splitting it, supposedly voting on the immigration bill first. Like it makes a difference. The Dems turn it down, the ballless GOP will vote the funding bill through so they don't get accused of shutting down the government by the liberal media. What difference does it make if they have the majority if the dems can throw a hissy fit, and the GOP buckles. They keep folding, I will sit 2016 out. Let Hillary have it. Piss on it. Dems may be braindead, but they stick to their guns, unlike the GOP. I say shut it down. Move on with other business. Homeland security is a relatively new department (created by Bush, and, at that time, despised by the dems), shut it down. Let the dems be the ones to bring it back up when they are ready to stop pouting and act like grown ups. Too bad the GOP can't act like grown ups either. More like cowards.

  2. Oh, and a bonus, McConnell voted no, with the demorats on yesterdays vote. Just checked he roll call Several Republicans sat the vote out with a demorat or two. Hang them all. Oh, and no surprise, Donnelly voted with his demorat scum cohorts. Least they should have been able to do was have all the republicans stick together. That should have been the VERY least.

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