Cartridges, not bullets

The bullet is the part that comes out of the gun at a high velocity….You know, the projectile….. The entire thing, case, powder, bullet, primer is a cartridge.

Even when found in a school.

(Plus, placing the schools on LOCKDOWN? Really?)

The educational administrators must be total idiots.

Add in the fact that the police chose to bother to do a search. Unless it was just a chance for overtime or to use their Autoriteh!

7 thoughts on “Cartridges, not bullets

  1. You are correct with the nomenclature, of course.

    As a (first year) teacher, I would say that searching the school is appropriate. Where there is loose ammo lying around, it isn't out of the question to suspect that there may be a firearm that goes with it on school property as well. Since we are talking about children (who can't legally possess firearms without parent/guardian permission) and school (legally off limits to weapons)then a search for weapons when ammo is found lying around, especially considering that teachers and staff are legally and morally responsible for several hundred kids, I don't have a problem with them erring on the side of caution.

  2. See, divemedic, you somehow assume that ammo means gun, and I disagree.

    Ammo means ammo. And ammo isn't, by itself, dangerous. You could search the school without a fucking lockdown too. Run the dog to look for a gun in a locker while the kids are in class.

    This was panic. Because Gun. Gun bad. Mongo frightened of gun or cartridge/bullet. Gun Bad. Overreact. Call cops. Cops get to play. Cops get overtime. Cops make educators *FEEL* safe.

  3. Ammo doesn't mean gun. Ammo means that the odds of a gun being there are high. Locking the school down keeps kids from avoiding the police search.
    Ammo isn't dangerous. However, finding ammo means an increased chance of there being a gun.
    It isn't panic, it's prudence. I am as pro gun as it gets, but I also know kids, and the stupid things they do.
    It isn't about "feeling safe" as an educator. It is about the legal responsibility to the students in your care. My school is fairly affluent and doesn't have most of the problems of other schools, and we still found a significant amount of drugs and weapons last month, when our own campus sweep was carried out.

  4. "Ammo means that the odds of a gun being there are high." TICSMYD. Talks is cheap, show me your data that indicates that when a cartridge (or a bullet because we cannot tell from tis article which in fact it was) is found (absent a gun as in just a cartridge being found) that equates to the odds being high that a gun is also there? Did not the article state that seven (7) such incidents have taken place; yet, I did not see one mention of a firearm in any of those cases. What were those odds again?

    Speaking a bit legal responsibility: Also tell me how that justifies making an arrest or even a stop of every student in the school because, in effect, that is the exact outcome of a lockdown. That would be like a round being found in a mall and the police locking down the mall to make a massive search.

    It is amazing to me that you immediately assume, or at least imply, that a child was the one who left the ammo. Why not a teacher, school administrator or other school employee? Many sicko adults cry wolf for the attention and disruption it causes and there certainly are many sickos among our so called educators.

    I wonder, did the police first question every staff member to see if one possibly owns a firearm in the caliber round that was discovered, to see if maybe that person had inadvertently left it there? Or was it just the normal, here come the enforcers to assume and to enforce come hell or high water.

    All the best,

  5. When I was in High School way back in the Pliocene Era (Ohio 67-71), we got a break whenever a bomb threat was telephoned in. We would all evacuate the building while it was searched by the Police. Needless to say, it began to happen twice a week. After one call, the principal got on the PA system and said there was a bomb threat and we we not going to exit the school or call the police. He caught a lot of flack from it, but the bomb threats stopped.

  6. One more thing, re Glenn B's posit that it might be a teacher: being in Indiana, it would not surprise me that a liberal tw*t teacher would do this as a statement about the so called "lax" gun laws in Indiana.

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