All in the name of reciprocity

More instruction. 

‘Cause it’ll make my license more reciprocitized, 


Indiana currently has not training requirement. All they want before issuing you a pistol permit is that you are not a Felon, or a wife batterer, or a few other minor requirements.

No training. Yet we are no more dangerous than other states which require training. Odd that.

I have out of state permits from FL and UT, and the training classes I took were a real waste of time. They did not make me any safer, nor did the shooting requirement actually make me, you know, demonstrate proficiency in handling of a firearm.But I took ’em and I got my permits.

Notice;  if you look up Senate Bill 48, that the requirement is for 8 hours of (unspecified) training. Nor regualtions as to what that training might entail….nor what it might cost.

All in the name of reciprocity.

One state that they mention  that they want to pacify regarding “training” is Illinois, which has reciprocity with exactly zero other states right now….

One thought on “All in the name of reciprocity

  1. All valid points. And your argument is strongest as you are in Indiana. So I'm not arguing here….

    As your humble gun-tot'in neighbor in Ohio where I'm required 12 hours of 'training" to earn my permit, reciprocity looks like a total win.

    A win in the amount of time wasted in "training." I was going to waste the time anyway.

    A win for me in case I want to drive through/to Chicago, New York, New Jersey or Massachusetts.

    ANOTHER legislative win for fellow gun nuts.

    Admit it. We are running out of things to win. All I've got left on my wish list is Repeal NFA, and some minor items.

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