Your share is about $65.75

If you are a taxpayer, your share of the auto bailout losses is about $65.75.  Yep, the Feds gave away over 9 billion of your tax dollars and they’ll never recover it. So that makes you share of the corporate welfare for Chrysler and GM almost $66.00

Do we get 2 shares of GM stock? Or 6 of Chrysler?

Who is gonna make good for this loss? Shouldn’t we (the taxpayers) get our money back before the stockholders get a dividend?

Stop laughing. I’m serious.

2 thoughts on “Your share is about $65.75

  1. Best not get too vocal, or some union thugs are liable to show up at your place. The UAW came out of this with most of that cash in their pockets and they're not about to give it back to America or change their way of doing business.

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