DO you believe

So we are supposed to believe that some 13 year old kid wrote a letter  to Santa that somehow, magically, ended up in the White House, and (oddly enough) got put in front of Barry O.

And so, this letter, which is written out, (perhaps) by a barely literate black teenager who uses words like “Siblings”. Really? This marginally literate 13 year old boy supposedly wrote this letter….

I know that Liberals are big on symbolism, but really, even they cannot be so stupid as to really believe that this letter was composed by a 13 year old inner city boy, rather than just writing what was dictated to him….if he wrote it at all. It does seem to fit all the stereotypes that liberals believe about black people, doesn’t it? 

I mean, I am glad he gets to see the assembled members of our government, and I have no doubt that this a big trip for him. (Hell, I’d like to go too) but I don’t, for even a moment, believe that this story is true. I suppose if you can get enough people to say it often enough, some folks will believe it?

But, really, no one with more than 3 neurons should either, if they bother to look beyond the media’s story.