As I write this

CBS is spouting unsubstantiated claims that “Glowball Warming” will make the seas rise by as much as 3 feet by 2050…As if it were established as fact or something…

Despite the fact that there has been no detectable warming in the past..what? 17 years or so? That Sea Ice area is growing by a significant amount year over year….Yet the fearfully (and breathlessly) trumpet the same old fears….

If there was a way to contact them without getting spammed, I’d complain, not that it would do any good.

One thought on “As I write this

  1. I have had several people get pissed off at me for this: Fill a mason jar half ful of water. Float a couple ice cubes in the water. have a warmista seal the lid and put on a piece of tape whcih they have written on so they know it has not been removed. Mark the water level. Wait for the ice to melt. Observe water level. They always assume I've meddled with it. They can't grasp that they're just stupid.

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