Y’know, the media

Or, at least, whoever holds their leash, has accomplished a great deal with the sensationalization of  Mike Brown’s death at the hands of (now exonerated) officer Darrin Wilson.

Yes, they stirred up the ghetto people (some small percentage of whom likely voted in the midterm elections….maybe)….Yes, they got the whole Black against White thing going again, as it had faded in the time since the Trayvon Martin debacle….. Yes, they stirred up the welfare underclass (at least the black portion). Yes, they got riots to occur under the guise of protests…(one wonders how many of the rioters (as opposed to protesters) were local to the area and how many were….imported?)

The other thing they accomplished was to set back by about 30 years the view that whites had about blacks. Bad enough that we already saw a portion of the black community as a danger, and as leeches on society and criminals (some of which had a basis, at least, in reality). No, what the mongerers did was to help reinforce in nearly every white mind the stereotypes (some earned, some not) of how black people act, and how they see the whites that they encounter.  Of how the blacks (or at least a significant portion of them) feel entitled to freebies, and how they feel entitled to steal, loot and destroy. How they think so differently than the whites that robbing or stealing is acceptable and that there should be no consequences……

In short, they have allowed every white person, even those who were willing to give black people a chance, to begin to wonder if every black person, deep down, fits the stereotypes. Lazy, no good, drug using, thieving wastrels who are good for nothing but trouble. Best not to allow them to move into your neighborhood, you know, and if they do, best to move out as soon as possible……

Even the most open minded white persons have to wonder. Have to, at least a little, fear. Have to think that that racist guy they know who preaches white separatism and/or supremacy might well be right?

I posted this image, with the notice that it HAD to be photoshop …..and most of the people who saw it thought so too……and later had a link in comments to show the original… But quite a few people that I know of said…”so what? It is how they think”….like that leftist “fake but accurate” George Bush TNG memo. Some people really don’t care that it isn’t real, because it sums up how they believe the people who look like, act like, talk like, lived with, befriended, and raised Mike Brown seem to think. They are willing to paint all black people with that brush… And blacks across the board are willing to see all white people as willing enablers of cops who kill, in cold blood, for no reason (other than they are black),  young black men….no matter what the evidence might show.

So congrats, whoever you are, you destroyed any chance for another generation or two for equality and integration. For Dr. Kings dream to become reality…..And for black people to have the willingness to change their culture and embrace success. To reinforce all the stereotypes that do so much to keep us apart.

Good job.

5 thoughts on “Y’know, the media

  1. Race baiting is all about big money and political power. The people who promote it don't care about anyone other than themselves. They are more damaging to minorities than the racism they say they are fighting.

  2. Good post, but you have to remember that the people who did the destroying just don't care.

    Their life is crap by their own making, and they'd rather bring everybody else down rather than lift themselves up.

  3. I hope I missed the intended sarcasm in that post but if not allow me to ask:

    Do you really believe for a moment, because of this race baiting bullshit by the media and the other professional race baiters, that most white people believe that most black people are represented by the like of the rioters in Fergusson? Tell me it ain't so – please. If I did not miss any sarcasm, and you really meant that, all I can say is that your idea of whites (and blacks) is truly a farfetched stereotype. I mean, come on now, are you really serious in saying this: "Even the most open minded white persons have to wonder. Have to, at least a little, fear. Have to think that that racist guy they know who preaches white separatism and/or supremacy might well be right?" If you believe that, then I guess you believe, at least in part, that most non-Jewish folks think that Hitler might well have been right too.

    Wow, once I think I have heard it all, I am absolutely floored and flabbergasted by what comes next.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  4. Glenn: Check the comments out:


    And I heard a lot of similar sentiments from people IRL.

    Bottom line is: yes, people who were accepting of the differences before are not so accepting anymore. They see the hatred and anger and have realized that they are seen only as a resource for the next monthly check that is owed to "them"…

    Yeah, really what I wrote is correct, at least for a portion of our white population. They didn't give a shit before, but they ARE noticing now. And they don't like it. Not one bit. Reality has become a bit clearer here to a bunch of people.

  5. And no, not the same thing Re: the jews and Hitler.

    THe jews don't live for generations on welfare and hate white people. Nd they generally don't riot.

    Your analogy is badly flawed.

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